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Oxford Med Sci Resources

Researchers' ToolKit - Awesome resource for Oxford University scientists. START HERE


Flow Cytometry

at the JR

at the KIR

at the Peter Medawar

at the WIMM


Oxford Centre for Histopathology

Sanger Sequencing

Source BioScience (JR p/u)

Sanger Sequencing at the WIMM

Conference & Seminar Rooms

At the JR
See all available rooms here
Calendar- check availability, then complete form below. Availability listings for GPEC and other JR rooms.

Level 5 - Seminar and conference rooms, Rm5302

Level 6 NDS - Seminar room on Level 6

Level 7 - Seminar and conference rooms


University Safety Office Biological safety training, Fire Safety training, etc.

MRC e-learning HTA course and assessment

University Research Support Good Clinical Practice training and face-to-face sessions

Med Sci Division skills training - Range of courses available from the Medical Sciences Division

Online Tools -Genetic Research


New England Biotech's Interactive Tools Various tools to help you design primers, PCR protocols, NGS experiments and much more!

NGS Analysis

Galaxy Open source, web-based platform for NGS data analysis and processing

GREAT genomic regions enrichment of annotations tool

GSEA Gene Set Enrichment Analysis-free software package for statistical analysis of gene sets

Integrated Genome Viewer high-performance visualization tool for interactive exploration of large, integrated genomic datasets

Oxford University Secure FTP Client Guides

FileZilla a free FTP Client

ARC Advanced Research Computing at Oxford University

Online Tools-Cytometry

Flow Cytometry and Analysis

The FlowClean plugin is designed to help detect and remove any such aberrations in your sample files.

Cytoscape is a free software which can use the SPADE analysis file generated in FlowJo for "visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles and other state data." You need to use the .gml file which can be found in the SPADE folder saved to your computer when you use the SPADE plugin

FlowJo have webinars on the first and third Thurs of every month at around 6pm GMT and a library of previous webinars

AutoGate This software was designed to reduce the subjectivity of gating and is available free

Fun Stuff

Nature Publications Immunology Posters - free wall posters and much more!

Other Learning Opportunities

Oxford Learning Institute

Oxford University Staff Training and Development

Oxford University IT courses

Oxford University BioMed Animal Licensure courses