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Please find below the departmental procedures for:

1. Sick Leave

2. Annual Leave

3. Medical Appointments

4. Leave for Other Reasons

Please don't hesitate to contact the personnel team should you have any queries regarding absence procedures or if you would like to talk to one of the Personnel Officers.

1. Sick Leave

If you are unable to come to work because of sickness please notify your line manager by 10am on the first day of your absence.  If you are unable to contact your line manager, please leave a message with the HR Team in the first instance on 221325.

Sick leave forms must be filled in, even for half-day absences, and signed by the line manager upon your return to work.  These forms should then be sent to the HR Office. If you are off work for more than 7 days and you have not yet returned to work please ask you line manager to inform a HR Officer

A doctor's certificate is required for absences over 7 days. These forms should then be forwarded to the HR Team.  Please ensure that, if you require a Doctors' note for your sickness absence, the doctor's note is renewed as necessary to ensure there are no gaps in the doctor's note cover of your absence. Please be aware that you would be unable to return to work whilst a doctor's note is still valid. If you are feeling better and feel you can return to work before the end of your current doctors note, please obtain a return to work certificate from the doctor.

It is important that you keep your line manger informed of the status of your absence. If you have any queries or concerns regarding sickness absence please don't hesitate to contact the HR Team.

Sickness Form

The University Occupational Health Service ( provides a wide range of services to all employees that may be accessed directly by the individual or through their line manager. An introduction to the services they can provide are available at:

2. Annual Leave

The HR Officer will provide you with an annual leave record form when you start work. This will be in the format of an excel spreadsheet. To request holiday, your annual leave record must be completed and e-mailed to your line manager for consideration before you actually go on leave, as it is subject to line management approval.  Please give as much notice as possible.  When your leave request has been authorised, please forward the updated record with your line manager's approval to the Personnel Assistant for your file.

 3. Medical Appointments

If it is necessary for you to arrange to visit, during the normal working day, a doctor, dentist or a hospital to receive treatment or screening, attempts should be made to arrange the visit in such a way as to disrupt the work of the department as little as possible. Please contact your line manager as soon as possible should such a need arise.

4. Leave for other reasons

Please contact your line manager if you require leave for any other reason. Such leave should be discussed with your line manager, and the appropriate form completed prior to you taking leave or as soon as possible in the case of an emergency. If you are unable to contact your line manager please contact the Business Manager or HR Officer (221325).

Absence Form