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James Chivenga


James Chivenga is the GI Cohort Research Governance Manager

James graduated in Zimbabwe in 1999 with a BSc honours degree in Biology and Biochemistry and obtained a MSc in Biotechnology degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2012.

His role in the unit involves managing the IBD Cohort database as well as consenting and collecting samples from hospital patients and processing these samples in the lab. James is often the first contact point for patients involved in the TGU's IBD and GI research.  He quite enjoys the aspect of his work which allows him to interact with our study participants and this enables him to keep the TGU's ultimate goal foremost in sight: to provide better care for IBD patients.

Jennifer Hollis


Jennifer is the Database Administrator for the IBD database

Jennifer graduated with a BSc Hons in Psychology from Middlesex University.

She joined the TGU in 2015 and finds it very rewarding to work as part of the team and learn about such an interesting area of medicine.

Jennifer is responsible for database design and operational issues and the extraction and manipulation of data for research and clinical purposes.

Yukari Kimura

Yukari is a Biobanker

Yukari joined the TGU biobank in Nov 2019 after working in a clinical laboratory in OCDEM.
Day-to-day work involves working with patients, clinicians, and other healthcare workers in endoscopy clinics and coordinating allocations for sample collections for multiple TGU research projects, and cataloguing collected samples.

Daniel salazar lopez

Daniel Salazar Lopez is a Biobanker
Daniel has  a BSc in Biology from Aberystwyth, Wales and has previously worked as a biology teacher.
Day-to-day work involves collaborating with patients, clinicians, and colleagues to coordinate the collection of vital samples for a range of transformative research projects. These projects, which focus on the study of numerous target genes of interest, require the collection and cataloguing of various biological specimens including biopsies of the gastrointestinal tract to blood and tissue samples. We ensure that researchers have access to the materials they need to make significant breakthroughs. With each sample collected and catalogued, the team takes a step closer to developing new treatments to improve patient outcomes.

Megan Perry

Megan Perry

Megan Perry is a Biobanker
Megan has a BSc in Biological Science (Biochemistry) from Leicester University and had previously worked as a Biomedical Assistant for the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.
As a biobanker, her role revolves around making sure patient samples are gathered and processed effectively. She works closely with the on-site team to collect blood, biopsy, and surgical samples, ensuring a smooth schedule. Additionally, Megan manages the surgical sample collection for the TGU biobank and liaises with pathology teams to process tissue samples. She collaborates with hospital staff to identify the relevant patients, guide them through the consent process, and gather crucial blood/tissue samples.