TGU Biobank/IBD Cohort


Objectives of the Cohort and Biobank

We aim to set up and maintain a longitudinal cohort of patients with well annotated phenotypes and genotypes linked to tissue and nucleic acid samples, in order to enable:

  1. Descriptive studies of the natural history and evolution of disease
  2. Identify features or biomarkers that can facilitate prognostication
  3. Research analyses identifying novel biomarkers or stratifications that will be useful for clinical or research purposes
  4. To facilitate careful patient selection or stratification for future experimental medical studies of novel interventions, when required
  5. Provide information for health-economic analysis
  6. To determine appropriate outcome measures for interventional studies

The Chief Investigator leading the TGU Biobank and IBD Cohort is Prof.Simon Travis

The Translational Medicine Lead is Dr.Carolina Arancibia