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The Oxford GI Biobank is primarily intended to provide validated biological samples in association with clinical data to support research into gastroenterological disease. The Biobank is strongly supported by the Translational Gastroenterology Unit (TGU) that integrates the ORHT clinical department of Gastroenterology with the University of Oxford Nuffield Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine. Furthermore, by integrating the operation of the Biobank with the wider Oxford Radcliffe Biobank, samples will also be available to other researchers in the hospital, University, and more widely.

The major focus of research in the TGU currently is inflammatory bowel disease, colorectal cancer, and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to these major diseases. Many samples in the Biobank will be derived from patients with IBD or with bowel cancer, and other samples, for instance from patients with irritable bowel syndrome, could form important control groups for comparison.

Typical uses of samples in the Biobank will include analysis of immunological and chemical changes associated with disease, characterisation of changes in cells and tissues with inflammation, and correlation of genetic background with disease activity.

Application Process for Project Proposals

The GI Illness biobank and IBD Cohort Requests application form needs to be downloaded and completed. The form must be saved in the suggested name format NAME_SURNAME_DATE_TGURequestForm. Click here GI Illness biobank and IBD Cohort Requests Form  to download a form.

The form must be completely filled in with as much detail as possible to be considered.

Once a proposal has been submitted, it will be reviewed by an internal committee and a decision/ comments will be sent back to the PI and/or the person who submitted the form.

Any existing sub-projects wishing to make amendments can do so by filling in this form with their existing project proposal and the amendments clearly marked in RED lettering.

A formal approval letter will be sent to the PI of the project, as well as a conduct form. Projects may only start collecting samples under our ethics once they have received approval either by email or by formal approval letter.

The application deadline is before the first Thursday of every month.