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YuKari kimura



 Yukari Kimura is a TGLU Biobank lead & GI Cohort Research Governance Manager 

Yukari previously worked for the Red Cross Blood Center in Tokyo, Japan processing donated bloods into blood transfusion products. After moving to the UK in 2016, she took a research technician role in the clinical islet isolation facility at the NDS department before joining TGLU Biobank in 2019. Her role in the unit involves overseeing TGU Biobank team’s activities to make sure that all operations adhere to HTA/GCP standards. Yukari is often the first contact point for patients and researchers involved in TGU’s research. She enjoys this aspect of her work which allows her to interact with study patients and researchers, also working as a part of a multidisciplinary team. She is the ultimate dog and animal lover and enjoys a long walk with her greyhound, Maple. 

Jennifer Hollis



 Jennifer is a Database Manager 

Jennifer joined the TGLU in 2015 and finds it very rewarding to work as part of the team and learn about such an interesting area of medicine.

Jennifer works with databases within the TGLU, including the Gastrointestinal Cohort database and the IBD InfoFlex database.  Her role involves database design and development, data quality and gathering and the extraction and manipulation of data for research, audit and clinical purposes.


Megan Perry


 Megan Perry is the Biobanker Coordinator

 Megan has a BSc in Biological Science (Biochemistry) from Leicester University and has been working at the TGLU since 2022. 

As a Biobanker Coordinator she oversees the day-to-day operations of our Biobank, ensuring the efficient collection and management of biological samples from diverse clinical settings. Her responsibilities include maintaining the integrity of our database, screening potential research participants, and facilitating communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Working closely with researchers, consultants, and clinical teams, she plays a key role in the coordination of sample collections, creation of work rosters, and training of new team members.

Shana-lee bownes

Shana Lee Bowness

Shana-Lee is a Biobanker.
Shana-Lee has BSc in Genetics and Human anatomy and Physiology with honours in Exercise Science from The University of Cape Town.

 Her role includes screening for eligible patients, collecting and processing samples for the various research projects in the TGLU. She has a specific focus on the paediatric sub-projects and enjoys engaging with children and young people, talking to them about research and their involvement in it.