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The Bone Infection Research group, led by Dr Matthew Scarborough, conduct clinical trials in the treatment and prevention of bone infections

The aim of the Bone Infection Research Group is to encourage collaboration between scientists and clinicians and promote research in all aspects of bone infection, including diagnosis, treatment, repair, prevention and epidemiology. We have a number of studies ongoing.

Recently, we have shown with the OVIVA trial that antibiotics given orally are not inferior to intravenous delivery for complex orthopaedic infections. This is better for practice, for patients and for the health economy.

We are now conducting the SOLARIO trial to see if locally implanted antibiotics with a short course of systemic antibiotics (<= 7days) are just as effective as locally implanted antibiotics with the standard course of systemic antibiotics (> 4 weeks). This may help to reduce side effects, antibiotic resistance and treatment costs.

To help prevent surgical site infections, in the RIIiO study we are comparing the most common patient warming technology used (Forced Air Warming) with an equally safe and equally effective alternative method (Resistive Fabric Warming). We have conducted a pilot study in the first instance to check that our recruitment and data management strategies were adequate and robust and to show that both warming methods are safe to use and effective at keeping the patient warm. The pilot study showed surgical site infections with both types of warming. Funding is now sought for an adequately powered full trial with more than 9,000 patients.

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