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In contrast to traditional flow cytometers which use optical filters to deconvolute fluorescent signals, the Aurora measures the ‘spectral fingerprint’ of different fluorochromes and is able to ‘unmix’ the signals from a multi-stained sample i.e. two fluorochromes which could not be used together using a traditional cytometer can often be identified as separate signals by the Aurora. The five-laser Aurora measures fluorescence in 64-channels of detection across five avalanche-photodiodes (APD) detector arrays. APDs offer greater sensitivity for fluorochromes which fluoresce at longer wavelengths e.g. PE-Cy7.

The Aurora also is able to subtract cellular autofluorescence, greatly aiding the analysis of cellular markers in highly autofluorescent cell types or after techniques which increase autofluorescence such as intracellular cytokine staining – something not possible with traditional flow cytometers.

The Aurora is equipped with a UV (355nm, 20mW), violet (405nm, 100mW), blue (488nm, 50mW), 50mW yellow-green & red (638nm, 80mW) lasers. The lasers have a flat-top beam profile with a narrow vertical beam height, optimised for the detection of small particles. 

Cytek Aurora

General information

  • Sample acquistion: 15, 30 and 60µl/min, ≤35,000 events/sec
  • Capable of resolving 0.10.1µm beads from noise
  • Sample carryover  <0.1%