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Activation and function of human Tc2 cells in allergic disease

The immune responses causing severe asthma have been defined as possessing a "type 2" cytokine bias. These cytokines, which include interleukins 4, 5,and 13 are secreted by lymphoid subsets and attract the classic eosinophilic infiltrates associated with the disease. We have recently found that in human disease a potent source of these cytokines in the lung is the CD8+ T cell compartment. CD8+ T cells which secrete type 2 cytokines express the molecule CRTH2, a functional receptor for PGD2 ...  View project

Next Generation Sequencing Approaches to the HIV-1 Reservoir

There is no cure for HIV infection due to the persistence of HIV in a latent form in a reservoir of resting T lymphocytes. Although around 1 in 1000 CD4 T cells may contain integrated HIV DNA, the vast majority of this is replication incompetent. NGS has the potential for applying unbiased PCR-free approaches to sequence the HIV reservoir, and provide vital information linking viral variation to clinical phenotype and immunological responses. Application of bioinformatic NGS tools will overcome ...  View project

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