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Colon Molecular Imaging Endoscopy Trial

comet.jpgThis trial is led jointly  by Mr Trevor Yeung (Academic Clinical Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences) and Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman. It is funded by a Biomedical Catalyst Grant from the Medical Council. This study uses a protein which aims to detect early cancer of the colon at endoscopy and surgery. The protein has a fluorescent label so that when applied it makes areas of concern light up during real time endoscopy or surgery.  The feasibility study is recruiting patients who are over 18 who are undergoing endoscopic examination or certain surgical procedures (TEMS).

Endoscopic molecular imaging in cancer study

emic.pngDr Bird-Lieberman’s work focuses on the changes in sugar molecules (glycans) during the development of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract and how these can be used to identify those at most risk of cancer development, identification of early cancers at endoscopy and their subsequent early treatment. The work is primarily on cancers within the oesophagus and the colon.