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Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman


My clinical specialist interest is in the early detection and management of cancer and this supports and guides my academic work. My academic focus is on early cancer detection in the gastrointestinal tract through both invasive and non-invasive means. I undertake translational projects with potential for fairly rapid, cost-effective translation into clinical practice. I have been prospectively collecting samples, with the help of the Oxford research nurses, in which to validate predictive biomarkers since 2014. There are few similar cohorts nationally and the value of the cohort will grow enormously over time.

I collaborate with Prof Deborah Goberdhan (DPAG) to develop exosome technology into a clinically useful tool for early cancer detection, Dr Fay Probert (Department of Pharmacology) to apply metabolomics to early cancer detection in the oesophagus and with Professor Alison Simmons (WIMM) in applying understanding of epithelial cell subtype contributions to cancer development in the gastrointestinal tract.

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