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The Gastroenterology Group is led by the Sidney Truelove Chair, Professor Paul Klenerman.

The Translational Gastroenterology Unit hosts teams of scientists and clinicians working together to tackle major diseases affecting the gut and the liver. This includes cancers, infections and inflammatory diseases. A longstanding interest of the unit is inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), dating back to the era of Sidney Truelove, who developed the first trials and treatments. Together we are now pursuing studies of vaccines, diagnostics, biomarkers, genetics and new clinical interventions in a range of diseases including celiac disease, intestinal failure and auto-immune liver diseases. The unit hosts the Sidney Truelove chair and the Lee Placito chair and around 15 PIs across the different university sites who study various aspects of GI disease at the interface of clinical medicine and basic science.

The Gastroenterology group, led primarly by Professor Alison Simmons, and Dr Holm Uhlig is focused on innate immune pathways underprimary digestive diseases. The group works closely with members of the OUHT including Dr Roger Chapman, Professor Derek Jewell and Professor Simon Travis.

The Experimental Medicine Division Flow Cytometry Facility offers a high-quality Flow Cytometry service to a variety of users. The Facility was initially funded with a combination of funds from the Translational Gastroenterology Unit, Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine.

Annually Professor Simon Travis hosts the Oxford IBD Masterclass.   The meeting is delivered by a distinguished faculty of expert speakers with the programme combining plenary sessions with interactive workshops, ensuring plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss with colleagues.


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