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Events and activities


St. Catherine's College, Oxford, known for its mid-century modernism and timeless design, provided an ideal setting to host a workshop that brought together clinicians and scientists from various disciplines to explore the use of clinical genomics in the context of monogenic forms of inflammatory bowel disease. This workshop aimed to summarize recent developments in the field of genetics and immunology to improve patient care for individuals with gastrointestinal immune system problems.

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ALINE AZABDAFTARi awarded the BEST YOUNG GPGE Presentation

Aline Azabdaftari was awarded the presentation prize at the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition 2023 for her work on the epithelial gene defect AGR2. Single-cell analysis, organoid cultures, and gut on a chip.... A collaboration with Bernice Lo lab in Doha, Qatar.


Sarah Hearn joined the team as coordinator of the UK Paediatric IBD bioressource. 

Sarah will coordinate this national project jointly with the adult UK bioressource team in Cambridge and paediatric gastroenterology centers throughout the UK.

Presentation prize of the GPGE for Dominik Aschenbrenner

Dominik Aschenbrenner was awarded the Presentation Prize of the German Association for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (GPGE) in recognition of an outstanding scientific contribution at the annual conference. Dominik presented how gain of function variants in SYK cause a multi-organ inflammatory disease. The presented work is part of an ongoing collaboration with Aleixo Muise, Ying Huang, Dali Li, Kaan Boztug, Bodo Grimbachern Sophie Hambleton and the VEOIBD consortium.The work has been recently published Wang, Aschenbrenner, Zeng et al. Nature Genetics 2021


TGU@10 - Satish Keshav Award for Sumeet Pandey


Sumeet Pandey received the Satish Keshav Award for his work on antimicrobial activity in phagocytes. Sumeet presented his work at the 10 year Anniversay meeting of the Translational Gastroenterology Unit in September 2019.

Oxford Biomedical Research Center NIHR open day - 24th of May 2019

buildyourowngut2.jpegMembers of Holm Uhlig’s group have participated in the NIHR BRC open day on the 24th of May. Dr Zoe Christoforidou and Dr Sumeet Pandey presented to the public the group’s research showing how whole genome sequencing in patients with inflammatory bowel disease impacts on making the correct  diagnosis and is important for patient care. Additionally, Zoe and Sumeet facilitated in the interactive presentation of the "Giant gut wall" in collaboration with Fiona Powrie’s group.







IBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease: From Pathophysiology to Personalized Medicine - FALK Foundation Symposium

Dr Dominik Aschenbrenner from the Uhlig group was awarded the first poster prize at the FALK symposium “IBD: From Pathophysiology to Personalized Medicine”.The meeting was attended by 550 scientists and clinicians from 42 countries on 29th and 30th  March 2019, held at the Oxford Examination School.


CICRA Family day in Oxford 2018



The Oxford Paediatric Gastroenterology team supported the IBD Family Information Day of  CICRA, the charity supporting children with Crohn's and colitis, and their families, on Saturday 24th November. The main topic was the support of patients with very early onset inflammatory bowel disease.

The Annual Meeting of the  British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, And nutrition (BSPGHAN) 2019 in Oxford

Jointly with Astor Rodrigues, Lucy Howarth and Paul Johnson, Holm Uhlig organised The Annual Meeting of the British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, And Nutrition (BSPGHAN) in association with the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS). 300 participants attended the meeting in Oxford  23rd to 25th January 2019.

The 2018 Mucosal Immunology Course and Meeting in Oxford


Mucosal Immunology Course & Symposium (MICS 2018)  from July 17-20, 2018 at Oxford University. Jointly with Clare Lloyd and Kevin Maloy, Holm organised  the European Mucosal Immunology Meeting and Workshop sponsored by the Society of Mucosal Immunology and the European Mucosal Immunology Group.

Very Early Onset - IBD meeting and workshop 2016 in Oxford

At the VEOIBD2016 meeting on September 18th 2016 we discussed new genetic defects associated with paediatric onset IBD, functional pathways and immune networks, as well as the classification of monogenic forms of inflammatory bowel disease and implications for patient care. Faculty and participants from 14 countries attended the meeting that was organised by Holm Uhlig in association with the Oxford IBD Masterclass.