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Dominik Aschenbrenner Postdoc 2015 - 2022

Lisa Gartner RA 2021-2022

Esther Ng Postdoc 2021-2022 

Hebe Chen Postdoc 2017-2021

Sumeet Pandey Postdoc 2015-2021

Melania Capitani Postdoc 2015-2021

Athena Cavounidis MSC 2016, DPhil Student 2017-2021

Boryana Galabova MSc Student 2019 RA 2020-2021

Melani Dunstan Postdoc 2017-2021 (jointly with the Todd lab)

Isabel Brooks MSc Student 2021

Joanneke Jansen DPhil Student co-supervised with M. Coles and E. Gaffney 2017-2021

Barbara Woelders Research Student 2020-2021

Chrissy Bolton Academic Clinical Fellow 2018-2020

Isabelle Williams Academic Clinical Fellow 2019-2020

Marina Macchi Internship 2020

Sarah van Zon Research Student 2020

Alexander Steemers MSc Student 2019

Zoe Christoforidou Postdoc 2018-2019

Lisa Gartner Research Student 2019

Soumya Banerjee Postdoc 2018

Mathilde Chanut MSc student 2018

Maria Quaranta Postdoc -2018

Ying Zhou Clinical Fellow 2018

Rachel Wilson MSc Student 2017

Anís Gammage MSc Student 2017

Kate Niehaus Collaborating PhD student, Clifton Lab

Kristian Rutenberg-Houchen Wellcome Trust 2016 Summer student

Hannah Chen Postdoctoral fellow 2013-2016

Tobias Schwerd Clinical fellow 2013-2016

Krithika Balagopal Visiting undergraduate student 2015, and MRes student 2016-2017

Donald Lei Masters student 2016

Jon Jung Wei MSc student 2014 and RA 2014-2015 and project 2018

Sema Berktas Clinical fellow 2015

Anna-Lena Schaupp PhD student 2012-2015

Rob Bryant MSc Student 2014-2015

Roos Berbers MSc student 2013

Nicky Huskens MSc student 2012

Lab 2013Lab 2013

Lab 2016Lab 2016Lab 2018Lab 2018


A great day at the Cherwell  2018A great day at the Cherwell 201810-year Anniversary Meeting of the Translational Gastroenterology Unit. September 201910-year Anniversary Meeting of the Translational Gastroenterology Unit. September 2019Afternoon Tea in Oxford. October 2019Afternoon Tea in Oxford. October 2019Having socially distanced pizza in University Park 2021Having socially distanced pizza in University Park 2021