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Teresa Street

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist

Research Summary

Teresa is a senior laboratory scientist within the Modernising Medical Microbiology team. Her research is centred around developing metagenomic sequencing as a tool for the diagnosis of infections. Applying a direct-from-sample approach, Teresa has focussed her previous research on prosthetic joint infections and gonorrhoea, identifying pathogens and detecting genetic markers of antimicrobial resistance. She has also been involved in studies using targeted sequencing for the detection of influenza and RSV, and her current work aims to expand metagenomic sequencing to a wider range of sample types and infections.

Teresa obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and her PhD from the University of Bath. She joined team MMM in 2009 from the Department of Statistics, having held a previous postdoctoral position at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics. Teresa co-supervises a DPhil student and is also the Departmental Lecturer in Genetics at the Institute of Human Sciences, a unit of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford.