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Chris Willberg is a postdoc with an interest in viral immunology and assays of cellular immunity. He plays a key role in the Translational Immunology lab of the Biomedical Research Centre. Chris is working on the role of the C type lectin LLT-1 in human disease.

Lucy Walker is an MRC funded Clinical Research Fellow (with Ellie Barnes). She is working on T cell quality in HCV including the definition of the CD8aa subset in blood and liver.

Neil Rajoriya is a Wellcome Trust funded Clinical Research Fellow (with Ellie Barnes). He is working on the impact of CD161 expression on T cell function in blood and liver, including analyses of gamma-delta T cells.

Cormac Cosgrove is an MRC funded postdoc (with Rodney Phillips and John Frater). He is working on the infection of CD8+ T cells in HIV, including the impact of HIV on CD161+ T cells.

Ruth Simmons is an MRC funded DPhil student (with Paul Bowness). She is studying the novel parvovirus PARV-4 in HCV and HIV infection.

Sara Boninsegna is a visiting PhD student from Padua, Italy, working on the impact of IL-22 on hepatocyte function.

Geraldine O'Hara is a Wellcome Trust funded clinical research fellow on the "DPhils for clinicians in the basic sciences" scheme, through the Doctoral Training Centre. She is co-supervised by Kevin Maloy and sponsored by Adrian Hill. She is working on gut and liver homing T cells in persistent infection.

Rachel Huddart is a Research Assistant working on the HCV vaccine trial (with Ellie Barnes and Adrian Hill)