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Borgel Greenaway

Laboratory Technician in the TGU group

Borgel did an MSc in Immunology at Imperial College, London, and completed his PhD at the University of Nottingham with the Helicobacter pylori Group. An aspect of his research focused on characterising the immune response to Helicobacter pylori stomach infection with the view to improving diagnostic abilities to stratify patients at increased risk of developing gastric diseases.

Following his PhD, he bridged his interest in science with education, trained as a Science teacher at the University of Oxford, and taught for two years in a state comprehensive secondary school.

Borgel joins the TGU group as a lab technician, he works to provide research support, help with the day-to-day running of the laboratory and collaborates with the BioBank team, where he is involved in consenting, collecting and processing samples from IBD patients. He enjoys his role as the unifying person across different lab group and maintains research interests in the role of the immune response in inflammatory diseases. He is particularly passionate about how science can be translated to improve patient care.