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Romisa Asadi


Programme Manager

Romisa is a Programme Manager for the Genomics to Enhance Microbiology Screening, which is a Blood and Transplant Research Unit funded by NIHR. She manages of multidisciplinary projects on behalf of the Unit Director and Theme Leads, and in collaboration with Oxford and UCL grant and finance teams.

Prior to this, she was a Microbiology trainer at UKHSA, where she was responsible for designing, creating and delivering a range of microbiology, biosafety and diagnostic training resources (in person and e-learnings).

Romisa has substantial experience in leading biotechnology trial projects. She has worked collaboratively with government departments and made contributions to dossiers to secure regulatory approval. Romisa has an in-depth knowledge of Genetics and Molecular Biology and was involved in the development of several genetically engineered pest insects as a means of friendly pest control. Romisa is a capable project manager with expertise in managing trials and was granted the first ever trial approval of a GM agricultural insect in an open-field setting in Morocco. She is able to assist colleagues in partner countries with standard operating procedure development for biotechnology trial projects. Romisa is also a qualified teacher who is proficient in authoring digital training content.

Romisa is a Mental Health First Aider and Welfare Officer located at the Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research.