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Michael Fu

DPhil Student

Michael is an intercalating Dean's List medical student from Imperial College London. His research interests range from surgery to medical education, but he is particularly interested in the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). He previously investigated the health-related quality of life of patients with HBV.

Michael is furthering his interest in HBV by reading for a DPhil in Clinical Medicine supervised by Dr Heli Harvala, Dr Monique Andersson, and Prof Peter Simmonds. His research, funded by NIHR, focuses on improving the diagnosis of occult hepatitis B infection (OBI). OBI can be transmitted through blood transfusions and liver transplantations, where fatal complications in recipients have occurred in the immunosuppressed. Michael is investigating the biomarkers associated with OBI transmission, where results could lead to better identification of potentially infectious donations and improve the sustainability of our blood and organ supplies.

Outside of research, Michael enjoys teaching and playing the violin. He regularly delivers tutorials and demonstrates in practical classes for medical and biomedical students. He holds a music bursary from his college and actively plays in orchestras and ensembles, including Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra and Leader of the Oxford University Philharmonia.

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