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David Smith

Postdoctoral Scientist

Brief Biography:

I joined the Barnes group in 2014 to work on the National Institute for Health Research Health Informatics Collaborative (NIHR HIC) Viral Hepatitis Theme, this project focused on the collation of routinely collected clinical data from NHS trusts and its use for clinical research.

I started a DPhil in 2015, I used next generation sequencing and cell culture models to study anti-viral resistance to Hepatitis C Infection. The focus of this project is on genotype 3 infection, which is the second most common genotype in the UK and is emerging as the hardest HCV genotype to treat.

Since completing my DPhil, I have expanded on my DPhil work which used viral genome wide association studies to identify novel resistance associated substitutions against HCV anti-virals. I have also been working on using the data collected from the NIHR HIC project to understand Hepatitis B Virus S antigen clearance and to understand the prognostic value of liver biochemistry in patients with severe COVID-19.