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Cassy Fiford


Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Manager

Cassy Fiford is the PPIE Manager for the Genomics to Enhance Microbiology Screening, Blood and Transplant Research Unit (BTRU-GEM) funded by the NIHR. Cassy plans, organises and supports meaningful PPIE activities in collaboration with researchers, patients and the public. She chairs the PPIE advisory committee and supports researchers in BTRU-GEM by delivering training and helping to identify opportunities for PPIE. Her role also includes management and delivery of wider public engagement activities to inspire, and share knowledge with local communities and the public.

Prior to joining the BTRU-GEMS group, Cassy worked in medical communications for several years, where she specialised in designing and facilitating multi-disciplinary workshops in industry, enabling group decision-making on clinical studies. Cassy also has hands-on experience working with patients as a dementia care worker.

In 2018, Cassy was awarded a PhD in Neurological Sciences from University College London (UCL) for her work investigating the link between poor vascular health and dementia, using MRI.

In her current role as a PPIE Manager, Cassy is motivated by the opportunity to enhance public perception of blood donation, improve donor consent, and promote inclusivity.