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The Respiratory Medicine Unit (RMU) is situated in the NDM Research Building on the Old Road Campus and the John Radcliffe Hospital Level 7, and headed by Professor Ian Pavord who is the Professor of Respiratory Medicine. The Centre comprises distinct but inter-linking research groups led by Professor Mona Bafadhel, professor Luzheng Xue and Dr. Timothy Hinks. The RMU aims to bridge basic respiratory science to practise-changing translational research and early phase clinical trials.

The Centre is also a focal point for research groups found elsewhere on the campus but related to the Respiratory Medicine - Sleep Medicine research (John Stradling and Annabel Nickol, ORCTU), Pleural Research (Najib Rahman, ORCTU), Infection genomics (Stephen Chapman, WTCHG) and Cellular Lung Immunology (Ling-Pei Ho, WIMM).  We are partners with the Oxford Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit, and a member of the NIHR Translational Research Partnership. The centre builds on excellent specialist clinical programmes in airways diseases, interstitial lung disease, sleep and ventilation, pleural diseases and cystic fibrosis at the clinical department.