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Illumina and Nanopore methods for whole genome sequencing of hepatitis B virus (HBV)

Journal article

McNaughton AL. et al, (2019), Scientific Reports, 9

Rolling circle amplification and nanopore-based deep sequencing of full-length HBV genomes

Conference paper

Mcnaughton A. et al, (2018), Journal of Hepatology, 68, S762 - S762

Immune responses in DAA treated chronic hepatitis C patients with and without prior RG-101 dosing

Journal article

van der Ree MH. et al, (2017), Antiviral Research, 146, 139 - 145

Comparison of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies for Comprehensive Assessment of Full-Length Hepatitis C Viral Genomes

Journal article

Thomson E. et al, (2016), Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 54, 2470 - 2484

T Cell Functionality in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Treated With the Anti-miR-122 RG-101


Stelma F. et al, (2016), HEPATOLOGY, 64, 731A - 731A

Chronic hepatitis C viral infection subverts vaccine‐induced T‐cell immunity in humans

Journal article

Kelly C. et al, (2016), Hepatology, 63, 1455 - 1470

Evaluation of Viremia Frequencies of a Novel Human Pegivirus by Using Bioinformatic Screening and PCR

Journal article

Bonsall D. et al, (2016), Emerging Infectious Diseases, 22, 671 - 678

Cross‐reactivity of hepatitis C virus specific vaccine‐induced T cells at immunodominant epitopes

Journal article

Kelly C. et al, (2015), European Journal of Immunology, 45, 309 - 316

Global distribution and prevalence of hepatitis C virus genotypes

Journal article

Messina JP. et al, (2015), Hepatology, 61, 77 - 87

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