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© 2014. Background: National Scottish data were used to compare 3-year mortality in patients hospitalized for Crohn's disease (CD) between 1998-2000 and 2007-2009. Methods: The linked Scottish Morbidity Records database was used to identify patients admitted with CD during two periods: Period 1 (1998-2000) and Period 2 (2007-2009). 3-year mortality and standardized mortality ratio (SMR) were determined and multivariable logistic regression analysis of associated factors was performed. Mortality was determined following four admission types: surgery-elective, surgery-emergency, medical-elective and medical-emergency. 3-year mortality was compared between study periods using age-standardized rates. Results: The number of patients per 100,000 population hospitalized with CD per year was unchanged (15.7 [Period 1]; 14.4 [Period 2]). Overall crude and adjusted 3-year mortality rates were also unchanged (crude mortality 9.0%-9.1%, adjusted mortality odds ratio [OR] = 0.87, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.65-1.17; p =. 0.36). The adjusted 3-year mortality increased following elective surgery (Period 1: 1/303 [0.3%]; Period 2: 9/261 [3.4%]); OR = 13.5 [CI 1.66-109.99]) and decreased following emergency medical admission (Period 1: 99/779 [12.7%]; Period 2:86/802 [10.7%]; OR = 0.68 [CI 0.47-0.97]). Directly age-standardized mortality rates were similar (Period 1:338/10,000 person years [CI 282-394]; Period 2:333/10,000 person years [CI 276-390], p = 0.2).On multivariable regression, age, deprivation status, comorbidity and the length of hospital stay were associated with mortality in both periods. High 3-year mortality was observed during both periods in patients between 50 and 64. years (Period 1: 33/298 [11.1%, SMR = 4.8 [CI 3.44-6.63], Period 2: 33/296 [11.1%, SMR = 5.9 [4.14-8.22]) and over 65. years(Period 1: 94/275 [34.2%, SMR = 2.78 [CI 2.42-3.62], Period 2: 78/251 [31.1%, SMR = 3.31 [2.64-4.11]). Conclusion: Nationwide linkage data demonstrate that overall 3-year mortality after hospitalization for CD is high, especially in patients over 50. years, and has not altered between the time periods 1998-2000 and 2007-2009.

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Journal of Crohn's and Colitis

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