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We have analyzed data from 573 pedigrees from the United Kingdom for evidence for linkage to loci influencing adult stature. Our data set comprised 1,214 diabetic and 163 nondiabetic siblings for whom height data were available. We used variance-components analysis implemented in GENEHUNTER 2 and a modification of the Haseman-Elston regression method, HE-COM. We found evidence for a locus on 3p26 (LOD score 3.17) influencing height in this adult sample, with less-significant evidence for loci on chromosomes 7, 10, 15, 17, 19, and 20. Our findings extend similar recent studies in Scandinavian and Quebecois populations, adding further evidence that height is indeed under the control of multiple genes.

Original publication




Journal article


Am J Hum Genet

Publication Date





543 - 546


Adult, Body Height, Chromosome Mapping, Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Female, Genetic Linkage, Humans, Lod Score, Male, Microsatellite Repeats, Pedigree, Software, United Kingdom