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The fine structure of the midgut, pyloric region, Malpighian papillae, and hindgut of Sinentomon erythranum (Protura : Sinentomidae) is described. Midgut cells are rich in mineral concretions and are presumably involved in excretory activity; the pyloric chamber, a cavity in the proturan intestine behind the midgut, is formed by cells with microvilli pointing anteriorly; the secretion from 6 Malpighian papillae flows into this cavity. The hindgut consists of 2 regions; the anterior of the 2 has a series of specializations typical of cells engaged in active water reabsorption. Long infoldings of the apical plasma membrane reach deep into the cells. The findings are compared with the gut organization of other genera of Protura examined to date. © 1989.

Original publication




Journal article


International Journal of Insect Morphology and Embryology

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173 - 184