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PHE lead: Julie Robotham


Oxford University co-lead: Chris Butler


We will use this information generated in the populations theme to work out how we can reduce healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial resistance, in ways the NHS can afford and that target those at highest risk. We will explore whether we should use drugs, tests for infections and vaccinations differently; or change the ways healthcare professionals interact with patients, empowering patients to manage their health and antibiotic use better.

Our strategy is to use multidisciplinary approaches to determine how antibiotic prescribing in primary care cab be sustainably reduced to the minimum safe level  and how can national, hospital and patient-focused approaches be combined to improve management and outcomes of AMR and HAI. We hope this will improve the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of antimicrobial management and provide information on how to control difficult to treat infections.


Interventions Theme Publications

The contribution of hospital-acquired infections to the COVID-19 epidemic in England in the first half of 2020. Knight G M, Pham T M, Stimson J. et al.


The impact of testing and infection prevention and control strategies on within-hospital transmission dynamics of COVID-19 in English hospitals. Evans S, Agnew E, Vynnycky E. et al.