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Oxford University Lead: Nicole Stoesser

PHE co-lead: Matt Ellington


We aim to understand how healthcare associated and antimicrobial resistant infections can be affected by what happens on farms, and in both the general and hospital environment. Our strategy is to increase our understanding on what the important factors to drive AMR and HAI infections,  how these factors are influenced by different environments and how they are passed onto and disseminated in humans.  We hope this will provide understanding on how AMR genes are shared between humans, animals and the environment, identify what systems contribute to the to the spread of microbes in hospitals and work towards minimising this and optimise resistance prediction for certain microbes using whole genome sequencing and molecular techniques.

Contexts Theme Publications

Flanker: a tool for comparative genomics of gene flanking regions.  Matlock W, Lipworth S, Constantinides B. et al.

Ten-year longitudinal molecular epidemiology study of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella species bloodstream infections in Oxfordshire, UK. Lipworth S, Vihta K, Chau K, et al.