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Publications 2020

Combining Charlson and Elixhauser scores with varying lookback predicated mortality better than using individual scores

Pritchard E, Fawcett N, Quan T P, Crook D, Peto TEA, Walker AS,

Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection with LamPORE, a highthroughput platform combining loop-mediated isothermal amplification and nanopore sequencing

Peto L, Rodger G, Carter DP, Osman KL, Yavuz M, Johnson K, Raza M, Parker MD, Wyles MD, Andersson M, Justice A, Vaughan A, Hoosdally S, Stoesser N, Mathews PC, Eyre DW, Peto TEA, Carroll MW, De Silva TI, Crook DW, Evans CM, Pullan ST 

Viral load in community SARS-CoV-2 cases varies widely and temporally

A. Sarah Walker, Emma Pritchard, Thomas House, Julie V Robotham, Paul J Birrell, Iain Bell, John I Bell, John N Newton, Jeremy Farrar, Ian Diamond, Ruth Studley, Jodie Hay, Karina-Doris Vihta, Tim Peto, Nicole Stoesser, Philippa C. Matthews, David W. Eyre, Koen B. Pouwels and the COVID-19 Infection Survey team


Differential occupational risks to healthcare workers from SARS-CoV-2: A prospective observational study

David W Eyre, Sheila F Lumley, Denise O’Donnell, Mark Campbell, Elizabeth Sims, Elaine Lawson, Fiona Warren, Tim Jame, Stuart Cox, Alison Howarth, George Doherty, Stephanie B Hatch, James Kavanagh, Kevin K Chau, Philip W Fowler, Jeremy Swann, Denis Volk, Fan Yang-Turner, Nicole E Stoesser, Philippa C Matthews, Maria Dudareva, Timothy Davies, Robert H Shaw, Leon Peto,  Louise O Downs, Alexander Vogt, Ali Amini, Bernadette C Young, Philip Drennan, Alexander J Mentzer, Donal Skelly, Fredrik Karpe, Matt J Neville, Monique Andersson, Andrew J Brent, Nicola Jones, Lucas Martins Ferreira, Thomas Christott, Brian D Marsden, Sarah Hoosdally, Richard Cornall, Derrick W Crook, David Stuart, Gavin Screaton, Oxford University Hospitals Staff Testing Group, Timothy EA Peto, Bruno Holthof, Anne-Marie O’Donnell, Daniel Ebner, Christopher P Conlon, Katie Jeffery, Timothy M Walker