Hepitopes is a project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, to collate all the existing HBV epitopes restricted by HLA Class I genes, and to develop this into a live on-line resource that can grow and develop over time.


The initial stage of this work has been to perform a literature search to identify all epitopes that have been published to date. We have undertaken a detailed review of all the references such that we can list epitope HLA-restrictions, locations in the HBV proteome, sequences and polymorphisms, and report preliminary data regarding the potential clinical significance of epitope-specific T cell immune responses.


Over time, this database will continue to be updated such that we can develop and maintain an open-access resource that is useful for basic research and clinical vaccine design. This will include new epitopes identified as a result of my own work in Hepatitis B immunogenetics, as well as continuing to identify and collate new epitopes published by other groups.


The Hepitopes Database was launched to make it available for the 2016 International HBV Meeting: The Molecular Biology of Hepatitis B Viruses (21-24 September 2016). The poster presented at this meeting can be viewed on-line.


Please scroll down to visit the interactive database.