Professor Satish Keshav 


Satish Keshav, a lynchpin of the TGU and a fine colleague and mentor to many in the Unit died unexpectedly on Wednesday 23rd January. The sudden loss of Satish is tragic for his family and for all of us who were lucky enough to be his friends. In due course we will post an obituary and some memories of his work.

Meanwhile for those of you who read this message and would like to contribute a memory of Satish or a message, please mail Jayne on

Professor Satish Keshav Memorial Fund

A fund has been established through the University to remember Satish, to support a scholarship in clinical science for a young investigator – to create an opportunity for others that benefitted Satish and that he returned with so much credit. We hope that ‘scholarship’, ‘investigator’ and ‘opportunity’ become plural.