Melania Capitani, Postdoctoral Fellow



Brief Biography:

I performed my Master thesis and my PhD at the University of Camerino (Italy), where I mainly focused on the development of DNA vaccines for cancer and other chronic diseases. My PhD project was partially performed at Vaxine LTD-Flinders University-Australia and was based on the development of a DNA-based adjuvant to potentiate the response of DNA vaccines in mouse models.

After my first PostDoc in Italy, I took the opportunity to apply my Molecular Biology background in the context of IBD at the Uhlig Lab, where I am currently doing my post-Doc.


Research Interests:

Investigating the anti-bacterial response in macrophages from patients with monogenic disorders.

Current project:

Generation of iPS derived macrophage knockouts for genes involved in the onset of monogenic IBD using CRISPR/Cas technology. This will elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind these disorders and aid in finding potential therapeutic approaches.

Investigation of molecular mechanisms behind DNAse2 deficiency. 


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Permethrin pesticide induces NURR1 up-regulation in dopaminergic cell line: Is the pro-oxidant effect involved in toxicant-neuronal damage?
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