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Hebe Chen, Postdoctoral Researcher.

I began my research career as an undergraduate at the University of Reading, where I specialised
in Biomedical Sciences. I then further completed a Masters in Immunology at King’s College London
(KCL), and carried out my dissertation in breast cancer research, under the supervision of
Professor Joy Burchell at Guy’s Hospital. I received my PhD degree in Immunology (2016) from
KCL, where I investigated ‘the immuno-modulatory roles of vitamin D and alpha1-antitrypsin
in human lung diseases’ in Professor Catherine Hawrylowicz’s lab. I subsequently and briefly
worked as a research associate in the Hawrylowicz lab, before joining the University of Oxford
as a postdoctoral researcher. I work with Holm Uhlig and Arian Laurence on the following projects. 

Current projects:                          

-Investigating the role of transcription factor BACH2 in human T and B cells and its relationship
with colitis and common variable immune deficiency. This involves phenotypic characterisation
of new cohorts with heterozygous mutations of BACH2.
-Characterising different mutations in IL-6ST (encoding the human cytokine receptor subunit GP130)
and to investigate its impact on GP130 dependent cytokine signalling pathways including IL-6 and IL-11.