A research endoscopy facility is being commissioned (2012), with confocal endomicroscopy (established 2011) and evaluation of novel spectral imaging, especially comparing their value in assessment of inflammatory activity as much as the detection of dysplasia. This is lead by James East, assisted by consultants with an interest in endoscopy (Barbara Braden, Adam Bailey) and collaborating with the IBD specialists (Simon Travis, Satish Keshav, Alison Simmons). Current projects target early diagnosis of epithelial dysplasia in Barrett’s oesophagus using advanced imaging techniques (chromoendoscopy and narrow band imaging, as well as the refinement of staging techniques) and innovative therapeutic endoscopy for treating early malignancy in Barrett’s. Oxford is the UK lead for an international study evaluating endoscopic ultrasound for differentiting between inflammatory and neoplastic pancreatic cysts.

Other projects include: