Clinical IBD Group

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The Clinical IBD Group provides a world-renowned service for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), regional services in intestinal failure and secondary and tertiary care for the whole spectrum of gastrointestinal disease. The TGU leads the way internationally in diagnosis and treatment of IBD and setting the research agenda.

The service attracts patients internationally and offers expertise in severe IBD, IBD-associated liver disease/intestinal failure, and inflammation-associated cancer management, which is uniquely concentrated in Oxford. The IBD cohort, established by Dr Keshav and Professor Uhlig, has >800 well characterised patients with IBD, with up to 3500 patients under follow up in Oxford. As a whole, Clinical Gastroenterology delivers >47000 outpatient, day case, or inpatient episodes a year.

A pivotal strength of the unit is the integration between basic science, translational medicine, clinical trials and everyday clinical care, often of the most complex cases of IBD. As a consequence there are multiple collaborations and independencies, not only with specialist colorectal surgery, but also with hepatobiliary medicine, interventional radiology or endoscopy, pathology, specialist nursing and dietetics. 80% of patients are secondary care referrals, which is particularly unusual in a major centre and means that new, untreated patients with IBD are seen every week.

The group has attracted >£12m in funding and published >150 papers in high impact journals (Lancet, Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol, Nature Rev Gastro Hep, Gastroenterology, Gut etc), in the past 3 years.