Dr Anna McNaughton


Brief Biography:

I have recently completed my PhD at the University of Glasgow working on mixed genotype HCV infections. Prior to undertaking my PhD I worked for the Health Protection Agency and the National Blood Service.

Research interests:

My research interests include the development of viral sequencing methods, blood-borne viral infections, pathogen transmission, and viral diversity and evolution.

Current project:

Currently, I am developing a pipeline for the sequencing of full-length hepatitis B virus genomes.


McNaughton, A. L., Cameron, I. D., Wignall-Fleming, E. B., Biek, R., McLauchlan, J., Gunson, R. N., Templeton, K., Tan, H. M.-L., and McWilliam Leitch, E. C. (2015) Spatiotemporal reconstruction of the introduction of hepatitis C virus into Scotland and its subsequent regional transmission. Journal of Virology, 89(22), pp. 11223-11232. (doi:10.1128/JVI.02106-15

McNaughton, A.L., Thomson, E.C., Templeton, K., Gunson, R.N., and McWilliam Leitch, E.C. (2014) Mixed genotype hepatitis C infections and implications for treatment. Hepatology, 59(3), p. 1209. (doi:10.1002/hep.26544


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