Krithika Balagopal
Research interests:  Autophagy, immunobiology

Current project: I'm working on the effect of bacterial handling by macrophages in the presence of neurotransmitters.

rachel 2017
Rachel Wilson

Brief Biography:

I am an MSc student in Integrated Immunology in the Surgical Sciences Department, Oxford University. Before starting at my MSc I trained (University of Oxford) and worked as a medical doctor in London.

Research interests:

Immunology, Genetics, Whole exome sequencing analysis

Current project:

Exome analysis of severe inflammatory bowel disease in early to adult onset patients.

anis gammage
Anís Gammage

Brief Biography:

In 2017 I joined Holm Uhlig’s group as part of the MSc programme in Integrated Immunology.

Research interests:

Monogenic IBD, Translational Immunology