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Research groups

Wenqin Li

Postdoctoral Scientist

I accomplished my Bachelor Degree in Clinical Medicine including both Modern Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. During the medical study, I have not only learned the critical preventive therapy in herbal medicine, but also have obtained training as the first assistant surgeon in the department of dermatology, cardiac surgery and STD department during my medical Internships in two Chinese hospitals, following practice in respiratory medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Due to my strong interests in preclinical drug discovery in preventive medicine and adaptive immunity, I studied MRes in Biomedical and Life Sciences in the University of Glasgow and completed PhD in the University of Strathclyde. Since my PhD, my focus mainly moved onto prophylactic vaccines and immunotherapy against various infectious diseases and infection induced cancers.

My PhD project was about the development of novel human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA vaccine using Gold nanoparticle adjuvant to prevent HPV induced cervical cancer. Besides my own work, I assisted colleagues to study Shigella pathogenesis and collaborated with two groups in Strathclyde to investigate diverse microbial pathogens by large scale screening of human gene trap libraries in my first Postdoc work. The Innovate Project which I joined in 2017 was also proposed based on my PhD achievement of DNA-nanorod study. We collaborated with Defense Science and Technology Laboratories (Dstl) to complete a preliminary study on the novel DNA-nanorod platform for vaccine development against Lassa and Nipah viruses.

In 2018, I moved to NDM to develop virally vectored vaccines against hepatitis viruses. After joining Barnes’s research group, my work mainly focuses on establishing the rat model to investigate the immunological efficacy of prophylactic vaccine against rodent hepacivirus (RHV), which is closely related to HCV. we believe this strategy will also prove effective for HCV and if confirmed, could translate through very rapidly into human clinical trials. Meanwhile, I am involved to evaluate the immunological efficacy of a novel adenoviral vectored HCV vaccines in healthy volunteers and DAA patients.

Interests: adaptive immunity, translational immunology, viral infection and prevention, vaccinology, immunosuppression and T cell exhaustion

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