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Magdalena Laskawiec-Szkonter

Senior Clinical Trials Manager, Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit

I first joined the University of Oxford in 2007 as a Research Administrator working on the IMGSAC project within the Department of Psychiatry in the Autism Research Group. I then moved to the Oxford Respiratory Trials Unit where I have been working in different roles since 2008. In my current role as a Senior Clinical Trials Manager I oversee the conduct and performance of a large number of trials within the Unit. I provide up-to-date guidance and support to investigators in applying for regulatory approvals and assist the Director of Operations with the assessment and feasibility of any new trials suitable for ORTU involvement. I have particular experience in the management of multi-site CTIMP and non-IMP trials, development of the CTU quality management system as well as site and central monitoring.

I am currently working on both academic and industry projects within ORTU supporting a small team of trial managers and assistants within the Unit.

I am also the manager of the UK Pleural Society which promotes the understanding of pleural disease through education and supports research into pleural disease.



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