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Research groups

Hebe Chen

Postdoctoral Scientist

I undertook my PhD in immunology at King’s College London and briefly worked there as a research associate before joining Professor Holm Uhlig’s lab in 2017. I am currently funded by the Oxford-Bristol Myers Squibb fellowship, and co-supervised by Professor Holm Uhlig and Dr. Arian Laurence. My research currently involves 2 projects, both of which are related to GP130 and STAT3. 


My main focus investigates a spectrum of GP130-associated Mendelian diseases where mutations of GP130 (encoded by IL6ST) cause distinct and extreme clinical phenotypes. We use these Mendelian disorders to define genotype-phenotype associations, where we investigate its functional impact on GP130-depdenent cytokine signalling pathways and relate those to clinical phenotypes. Furthermore, we collaborate with structural biologists to more comprehensively understand how structural changes can explain functional consequences for each unique mutation. These phenotypes inform on differential contribution of GP130-dependent cytokines and understand GP130 as a potential drug target. 


The second project aims to investigate signalling downstream of the GP130 and IL-10 cytokine families (IL-6, OSM versus IL-10, IL-22), both of which signal through STAT3, yet have contrasting effects. We aim to understand how STAT3 is able to generate both pro- and anti-inflammatory responses, in the hope to generate novel anti-inflammatory therapies that would target inflammatory responses downstream of the cytokine specifically while preserving the others.


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