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Dr Georgios Tserpes - Cancer Immunologist & Biochemist (Research Assistant)

Dr Georgios Tserpes - Cancer Immunologist & Biochemist (Research Assistant)

Georgios Tserpes


Research Assistant (Serology Group)

  • Currently working as a member of the National COVID-19 Survey run by the Serology Group at the University of Oxford.
  • Daily running of ELISA Assay to detect anti-COVID-19 antibody levels in the serum of blood samples taken from individuals who have either been vaccinated against COVID-19 or who have developed natural immunity.
  • The assay is run using high throughput robotic platforms, which produce large sets of experimental data which are then analyzed and interpreted using approved statistical and analytic applications.
  • Data analysis gives a thorough picture of the spread of the different COVID-19 mutations in the general population which reflects on the actual responses to the applied vaccines.
  • Before working for the Serology Group I worked extensively as a Lab Technician for the National Blood Service, and as a Data Analyst for the Neuromyelitis Optica Group at the Neuroscience Department at Oxford.
  • My actual research interests involve the development and discovery of novel immunotherapies for the treatment of various forms of cancer, with particular emphasis on leukemias, and central nervous system (CNS) malignancies.