Improving the uptake and Sustainability of Effective interventions to promote Prudent antibiotic Use in Primary care (STEP-UP)

What is STEP-UP?

STEP-UP is a programme designed to improve the uptake and sustainability of effective interventions to promote prudent antibiotic use in primary care.

Antimicrobial resistance is a key threat to patient safety. It is driven by antibiotic use. In the UK, GPs prescribe ~75% of all antibiotics. Under 20% of these prescriptions will benefit patients, but they all increase the number of microbes that are resistant to antibiotics, and can cause side-effects.


Who are we?

STEP-UP is a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Imperial College London and the University of Southampton, and brings together the two NIHR Antimicrobial Resistance Health Protection Research Units at Oxford and Imperial, in collaboration with Public Health England, bringing together a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in health psychology, health economics, primary care, statistics, and clinical epidemiology.


Current activities

Professor Michael Moore on a panel of experts being questioned by The Health and Social Care Committee on strategy for tackling antimicrobial resistance. Click below to listen: