*NEW* Departmental Cell bank *NEW*

The Laboratory Management Office would like to introduce a cell banking service which will be available for members of the department (including those becoming part of Radcliffe Department of Medicine). 

This service will be managed by the Laboratory Management Team where all processes will be performed according to standard operating protocols set to protect the biological integrity of each cell line and to ensure the highest quality product released back to the researchers.

Three levels of service are available;


  • Receipt of single cell line (frozen or live)
  • Growth & Expansion of line for master stock (+1or 2 passage from original) and subset of 24 vials of working stock (+3-4 passage from original)
  • Mycoplasma tested
  • Cryopreservation of 48 vials (100-250 x 106 cells total)

Please contact for cost


  • Receipt of single cell line (frozen or live)
  • Growth  & Expansion of line
  • Mycoplasma tested
  • Cryopreserve 24 vials of line (50-100x106 cells total)

£280 per set


  • Cryopreservation of cells (max of 24 vials/set)

£50 per set

 All levels of service include:

For more details, please see the attached supplementary information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Robin Sparkes ( on 01865 222 907.

If you would like to register a line, please complete the registration form and return to

Cell Bank registration Form

Cell Bank Supplementary Information


**Please note the last autoclave run for same day return is 1300**




Courier Services

- Biological material should be in a tube with a secure lid

- Placed in a secondary sealable container (or plastic bag) with enough absorbent material to absorb all of contents if spilt.

- Secondary material placed in polystyrene box with sufficient ice required for the length of time in transit (if applicable)

- Clear sender/ receiver information on the box

- Consignment note (obtained from NDM Administration Office Room 5800)

- Biological Shipping Declaration and a Commercial Invoice. Download form

- Grant code


Mycoplasma Testing



External/Supplier Deliveries

- This information is essential for delivery the correct packages to end users

- Please ask the Purchasing Officer for the Purchase Order number for the item you are querying and call the Supplier for proof of delivery. Please forward this information in the first instance to the Lab Management team for us to investigate further.


Fault Reporting