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Knowledge Mobilisation

Getting the right information to the right people in the right format at the right time, so as to influence decision making.

Knowledge Mobilisation includes dissemination, knowledge transfer and knowledge translation.

Our strategy for knowledge mobilisation/policy-maker engagement is based our partnership work with our stakeholders.

We have developed a Knowledge Mobilisation Toolkit containing an array of tools plus supporting information to help users navigate the Toolkit.

We have shared, promoted and facilitated the use of our Toolkit across a number of networks and have hosted the KM toolkit for multiple researchers from the Oxford and Imperial HPRU in Healthcare Associated Infections and Antimicrobial and from UKHSA.

Knowledge Mobilisation Tool Kit

What is the KM Toolkit?


To see the full document, please Click here.


Resources are split into four sections:

  • Understanding KM: videos, webpages, paper collections and e-learning courses to provide a grounding in KM
  • Performing KM: resources to support open team discussions and the production of a KM plan, including stakeholder mapping, communications planning and a KM engagement framework designed by the UKHSA team
  • Evaluating KM: resources to support teams in evaluating their KM capacity, celebrate good practice and plan for improvement, including a KM self-assessment tool, an impact evaluation framework and information on monitoring and evaluating policy engagement.
  • Reporting KM: documents as required for NIHR KM reporting

Further information and resources on Knowledge Mobilisation can be found here.