Personal Development Review

NDM Experimental Medicine Division is committed to ensuring all employees who have been in post for over 6 months and who have successfully completed their probationary period, are provided with a Personal Development Review (PDR) meeting with their supervisor on an annual basis.

The PDR Scheme is a framework within which an individual and his or her line manager can regularly review and agree work objectives and the support needed to achieve those objectives. The review is a two-way discussion about what has been achieved against your previously agreed objectives. The discussion should include a summary of feedback on your achievements and performance. This feedback should be balanced, incorporating achievements and good performance as well as challenging any areas where your performance might be improved. It is important that you and your line manager have prepared for this discussion.

Should you have any specific queries regarding the process please do not hesitate to contact the HR team by e-mail at or telephone 01865 221 325 who will be happy to assist you.