PI Committee Meeting

Due to the restructuring of Experimental Medicine the Management Committee Meeting has been replaced with a PI Committee Meeting. This meeting is open to PI's from Experimental Medicine and Investigative Medicine who are in receipt of their own independent funding. The meeting is chaired by Professor Fiona Powrie, Head of Experimental Medicine and is an opportunity to inform PI's of the ongoing initiatives taking place in Experimental Medicine and Investigative Medicine.

PI Committee Meeting Members

Alan Townsend Elma Tchilian  Katja Simon  Sarah Rowland Jones
Alastair Buchan Fiona Powrie  Kerstin Luhn  Satesh Keshev
Alison Simmons Graham Ogg  Ling Pei Ho  Seph Burrow
Andrew McMichael Hal Drakesmith  Lucy Dorrell  Simon Davis
Brian Angus Helen Chapel  Najib Rahman  Simon Travis
Chris Newbold Holm Uhlig  Paul Klenerman  Steven Sinkins
Christian Eggeling James Kennedy  Richard Barker  Tao Dong
David Jackson Jan Rahwinkel  Rodney Phillips  Tim Peto
Derrick Crook John Frater  Roger Chapman  Vincenzo Cerundolo
Ellie Barnes John Stradling  Rupert McShane  

Next Meeting scheduled for Thursday 13th December 2012.

Management Committee Meetings

Please contact Experimental Medicine Administration if minutes of any of the meetings are required.

Management Committee Members

Alastair Buchan Jo Hovard Rodney Phillips
Chris Conlon John Reynolds Tim Peto
Derrick Crook John Stradling Vincenzo Cerundolo
Fiona Powrie Paul Klenerman  

Dates for previous meetings:


Meeting 12/07/11 - Cancelled